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About The Author

Kareem Hayes found his passion for writing and storytelling at an early age. David Dinkins, the mayor of New York City at the time, published Kareem’s poem “Heart Beat” when Kareem was twelve years old. His many accolades include speaking in front of thousands, opening for Jesse Jackson, and being one of the top youth long-distance runners on the east coast. Kareem is more than an author; he’s a griot who uses the power of his words and charisma to empower and inspire.

However, his life journey was not without hardship. In fact, tragedy and triumph competed for his soul. He grew up in a dysfunctional household where drug abuse and domestic violence were constant realities—not to say that his childhood was all bad. His father taught him discipline and structure, while his mother showed him triumph and compassion in her battle with drug addiction.

Kareem ran away at age thirteen and spent many of his teenage years in juvenile detention centers and foster care. He soon discovered the Nation of Gods and Earths, which fueled his quest for purpose and spirituality. As a teen, he was an enigma, to say the least: too nerdy for street kids, and too street for the nerds, but able to blend in with both crowds.

On the streets of Harlem, he earned the name INFNITY for his never-ending wisdom, relentless approach to any obstacle, and wordy lyricism. Even with his “urban” endeavors, he found time to moonlight as a councilor and award-winning youth producer for Harlem Children Zone community centers. The duality of his lifestyle is ever-present in his personality, cadence, and style. He went from being homeless at seventeen, to the cells of Rikers island, to being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 21.

Kareem began to grow tired of his inner conflict and chose to work at rebuilding the same community he had once worked to destroy. With his lifelong friend and mentor Laura Vural, Kareem developed art-based curriculums for young teens to inspire social change. He also changed his street name from INFNITY to I.N.F., an acronym for Iam Now & Forever, which represents the constant presence of God in all things being infinite.

Today, he’s known as Inf the Author, an independent publisher who has sold over 30,000 books by hand. A force to be reckoned with, he’s taking the literary world by storm with a no-holds-barred, descriptive style of writing. His love for his audience drives him to create superior works that not only entertain, but also inform. Inf the Author’s goal is to enlighten the masses and empower his community as well as other up-and-coming authors and artists.

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Nassau Community College Long Island, Essex College NJ, Sisters Uptown Book Store in Harlem NY, The Dept of Education in Brooklyn, and is currently being added to the Jamaica Queens Library Directory.


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